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Our C.l.o.s.e.r Guarantee



are not born, champions grow and mature into masters of their professions by working hard to improve themselves and always being open to new approaches and ideas. We know the best people and they’re the only ones we’ll recommend.



have to fit. Not only professionally but also personally, especially when we’re dealing with executive management. Hard facts, soft skills, references and expertise are a lot of requirements for a senior executive to bring to the table. Every single one is different. We promise that our candidates are checked from top to toe to ensure, as far as is humanly possible, that they really are a perfect match for you.



sounds good, but when people are evaluating people, an objective analysis isn’t enough. Curricula vitae, degrees, certificates, references are all important, but at the end of the day, not the only deciding factors. Only our experienced – as a result of thousands of encounters - subjective opinion of a candidate, together with a personal evaluation, obtained from face-to-face discussions, can dispel doubts and deliver security.



for our clients means that they can be sure that we will fill the open position reliably. We will search for as long as it takes. Equally when the parameters are complex. Furthermore, if the candidate leaves during the trial period, we’ll search again. Something else that we consider to be security: We never poach candidates from active customers or clients.



is not a question of protocol but a question of attitude. When we promise you excellent work, we put ourselves under the most pressure. An executive recruitment consultancy is excellent when it finds the candidate, in the shortest possible time, who not only fills the requirements of the job profile perfectly, but who has the capacity to grow beyond the job profile. For the sustainability of your company.



can only be expected from those who show respect. We respect our employees, our partners and suppliers and especially our clients and candidates. Whoever puts his trust in us because he is looking for a new leadership position or because he is looking for an executive manager, has earned unconditional respect in addition to the highest level of discretion. So far we have never disappointed a client, we have, however, impressed many. That goes for candidates too.

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